Demand for Lithium Batteries in India and neighboring countries is set to grow on overall bases between 10-15% for various applications of Energy Storage, Telecom, Solar, EVs.

EWM India 2018 will focus on the Growth and Usage of Lithium batteries for India and neighboring countries.

Lithium Batteries, Electronic and Electrical Waste (E-waste ) is being generated at a very fast pace in the world today. Estimates say about 60 - 65 million tones being generated annually. This is set to cause immense environmental and health hazard on a global basis. It is therefore important handling systems are proper, regulatory systems are appropriately put in place for effective implementation, and that steps are taken to introduce Environmentally Sound Technologies.

EWM India - 2018 is expected to raise the standards of participatory interaction amongst Stakeholders, Regulatory Authorities from various Countries, User Industries, Researchers, Technologists, Equipment Manufacturers

EWM India - 2018

  • Exhibition
  • Conference
  • International Co-operation
  • Business Promotion
  • Networking
  • Technology Transfer
  • Exchange Programme


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